President's Message

The purpose of our organization is to tell the world that Korea has so much beauty to uncover and this is where people want to be! Have you ever thought about why Jewish people are so powerful and they are the most successful people in the world? There is a simple answer for this: Jewish people worship Yahweh. Our organization understands that every time foreigners come to Asia, they ask themselves:

Should I go to Japan, China, or Korea? Japan has the successful economy and China will become a superpower in next 13 years. But so what? Like Israel, Korea is a small country. But we have the most fired-up Christians in the world. My people pray to God 6 am in the morning. This surely is a sign that God will use my people in awesome ways in the course of time.

America is the NO.1 country for sending out missionaries around the world. Although we have only 50 million people in our nation, we are the NO.2 country for evangelism. We want to teach you the secrets of living a wonderful life. Do not think that your money can make you happy! Wealthy people have the highest suicide rate and drug addiction problems. We will teach you the secrets of a happy life. I, James Won, am the root and the offspring of Master WON Chunsuk (King LEE Bangwon's favorite teacher) and I was raised in the United States of America since March 29, 1988. Through the James Won Organization, I will become the President of Korea in next 20 years.

God has shown me signs of my calling by allowing me to meet with the Past President of South Korea LEE Myung Bak in Yeoido, Seoul. In 2005, while I was working in New York City, I also had a chance to meet and confront against President PARK Geun Hye from Grand National Party. However, I am also a great admirer of President Kim Daejung because of his accomplishments in Korea. Currently, I am enrolled at Korea University (the nation's 2nd best school) studying Political Science and International Relations.

President LEE Myung Bak had also graduated from Korea University in Seoul. Through my organization, I will become the 23rd President of South Korea, the country so beautiful!
Let us now pray that President MOON Jaein will lead the nation according to God's direction!