Frequently Asked Questions:

1)How can I meet with Mr.Won?

Ans. You must first tell us the nature of your visit. Mr.Won has an extremely busy schedule traveling the world. His time is his money. For an hour meeting, you must first pay us one hundred US dollars.


2)Does Mr.Won speak English?

Ans. Yes. Mr.Won has been educated in the United States since 1988. In addition to this fact, Mr.Won's father had majored in English from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul and his mother, English Education from Ewha Woman's University.


3) What is Mr.Won's religion?

Ans. Christian. His home church is Young Nak Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles.


4)What is Mr.Won's educational background?

Ans. Mr.Won is currently studying at Korea University in Anamdong, Seoul ( a school equivalent to Harvard University in the US).


5) Are there famous people in this world who had graduated from Korea University?

Ans. a) Former President of South Korea, LEE Myung Bak

b)Professor Hang Lee at Harvard Medical School.

c) The Former Pastor of Young Nak Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles(Rev.RIM Hyung Chun)

d) YOO Jin (the former singer of SES)

e) Professor WON Hotek who had taught psychology at Seoul Nat'l Univ(=Seoul National University) for 20 years



6)Is Mr.Won racist??

Ans. Absolutely not! Mr.Won has friends from all ethnical backgrounds.


7)Is Mr.Won a Korean citizen?

Ans. Yes, unlike other candidates from America- Mr.Won has never renounced his KOREAN



8)What awards has Mr.Won received?

Ans. Presidential Academic Fitness Award (1994)

Presidential Academic Effort Award (1994)

National Honor Society (1991-1994)

9)What hardships has Mr.Won overcome in his life?

Ans. Mr.Won had had an abusive father who had married three women.

10)What was Mr.Won's GPA in high school in the United States?

Ans. Overall GPA 3.71

11)How can I become a member of the James Won Organization?

Send us an email!

12)What jobs can I find in South Korea?

Ans. If you can speak English, the James Won Organization will help you find a teaching position.